I am graduating college in the next few weeks and I can not think of a worse time to embark on a new venture, yet here I am starting a blog. So why?

I figured that here I am living life and learning shit that might be useful to someone, so why not?

I am a Latina getting my bachelors degree at 22, and I have no job lined up 5 weeks before graduation. I am scrambling, so instead of panicking I thought I would write about it.

I want to document life at 22 and life post-college. So here’s my pitch for you: I want to write about the true struggle of a first generation sorta adult, traveling, goals, and everything in between.

I started a motto with my best friend a few years ago about why people should always listen to the Latina in their life, and if you have a Latina in your life you can relate. We always happen to be right in the end, so guys here I am telling you to listen to your Latina (which in this case happens to be me)!

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