Survive Study Week (Latina Style)

Study week is supposed to be designed in favor of the students, to help students have a week to prepare for finals, and to use their time accordingly. However, it has now become an extra week for professors to assign projects and assignments right before the semester ends. Whether you are turning in a project at 11:59 pm or you are studying the whole week, here are my ideas to make this week a little more friendly to all.

  1. Suffer Together
    1. Start study groups with your friends and/or classmates. I have found that getting out of my house helps me to concentrate and study more effectively. I am basic (I will admit it), and I like to study at Starbucks, it is relaxing to me. Find your place to sit for a couple hours and get this shit done! If you are like me and you do not socialize with your classmates, study with your friends even if you don’t study ‘together.’ Having someone beside you while you hate your life reading through your $200 textbook can help you to get through it. They also will keep you accountable for not looking at your phone or computer every 5 minutes. Misery loves company, always!
  2. Take Breaks
    1. When you get in the zone, it is likely you will fall off after 30 minutes to an hour so when you feel yourself get ready to scroll Instagram for an hour, take a break. This will help with the anxiety related to studying. Set up 30-minute increments of undisturbed study time, and then break for 10 minutes. It might help to stretch, don’t look at your screen or books, and heat up some atole and tamales (or whatever you need to refuel). Don’t forget to take the chicken out of the freezer for your mom and then get back to studying. This tip is also great for studying with friends because then you can take a break together.
  3. Do whatever you have to do
    1. There are endless tips and tricks to surviving college along with exams, but the most important thing is to do what works for you. I am the type of person who doesn’t like to cram or pull all-nighters, I love my sleep too much, but I know plenty of people who can study all night long and pass exams bright and early. If you like to study with music, in silence, outside, inside, with your dog, or butt ass naked, DO IT! In the end, only you know what is going to help you get through these tests!

Thank you for tuning into this week’s episode, please do not fail your classes. If you do, eat your sorrows in tamales and pozole. Thanks for Listening To Your Latina 😊

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