I went missing for a couple months and I’m about to tell you why, but in order to do that I need to revert to why I wanted to start a blog in the first place. Bear with me for a bit while I tell you this story.

I love watching YouTube whether it’s cooking, cleaning, or makeup tutorials I love it all, and honestly, I binge watch YouTube more than any show out there. However, watching all these women on YouTube made me realize that there isn’t really anyone like me out there, or at least not enough.

I was excited to start a blog and talk about my experiences because if you know me, you know talking is my thing. So, I started a blog, and I made two posts and it was fun. After, my boyfriend asked to read my posts I undeniably panicked. I realized that people would read it. What a concept, right? It made me fall into this self-shaming mindset and feel the fear of sharing my thoughts with people. What if people think I am self-absorbed or stupid for writing my opinions like someone cares? I don’t know what I’m doing or who gives a shit about it, but people who know me might see this and that was enough to make me never want to do it again.

But it’s April 2020 and if you haven’t heard we are quarantined for the foreseeable future. I found myself yet again binging YouTube nonstop, and again looking for people like me doing routines or hacks or blogs. As I watched these YouTube moms and bloggers, it finally occurred to me that they started their channels with no one watching or even caring about their posts, so I faced my insecurities and decided to continue a blog and YouTube channel. I decided to continue because of two questions: What if there’s one person out there wanting to see more of what I’m looking for? What if there’s one more person on YouTube or blogs searching for more Latinas in all kinds of lifestyles?

I didn’t think my experiences would matter. After all, I don’t do hairstyles, that’s my sister’s thing, I don’t do pro makeup, that’s my other sister’s thing, but I do like to write and talk, and maybe that’s my thing. Maybe talking about life and what I have done right and wrong is enough. Maybe someone will find it interesting and listen, or maybe it’ll be a journal to look back on and that is okay.

I have decided to continue and make a blog in English and Spanish because the world I live in everyday is bilingual, I want to represent the world that I would like to see more of.

Thank you for reading and thanks for coming to Listen To Your Latina.

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