Quarantine Virtual Happy Hour

My coworkers and I decided to throw a virtual happy hour. This is how we did it.

The backstory to this virtual happy hour starts with how my coworkers and I are keeping in contact while working from home. My best friend, also my coworker, created a channel for us to talk via audio chat in Discord. Monday through Friday we talk whenever we are available on the channel perfectly named Work From Home (WFH) Squad. We talk about our days, make each other laugh, and on occasion talk about work.

We started talking about playing games on the weekend and how we ought to try to “hangout” outside of work hours. Thus, began the planning of the virtual happy hour. Here’s what you’ll need to recreate it.

  • Video Chat

You will need a group video chat platform. We stuck with Discord, but there are a bunch of video chat sites and apps out there. To name a few you can try Houseparty, Zoom, Google hangouts, or even FaceTime can work. Just make sure everyone has an account and agree to login at a designated time. Keep in mind how and what games you want to play if you want to incorporate games, like we did.

We used Jackbox.tv to play games. Everyone just follows a link and you play a variety of creative, amusing games. This game is played with a group and you must share someone’s screen to make sure everyone can see the game. Essentially, one person becomes the game host, but everyone plays. If you choose to go with an app like Houseparty, it has built in games you can play while on the video chat.

If you are looking for a more relaxing type of Happy Hour, one of my favorites, is {The And} card game. This one you’ll have to plan ahead as it’s a physical deck of cards, but each one has a personal question aimed at building relationships and bonds. They have card decks for couples, siblings, and even friends. Find them on YouTube by searching The Skin Deep. A bonus is the ability to buy the card games in Spanish to play with parents, even grandparents.

Finally, the group decides how to incorporate drinking; we just held up our cups to the camera to and shouted cheers every time we felt like it.

  • Alcohol of choice

This one doesn’t need explaining. In true happy hour fashion grab your drink of choice. Rosé ended up my drink of choice. The rosé bottle was pink and had a rose shape at the bottom, so not a hard choice to make. Be careful when you go to stand up because you will feel it. Trust me.

  • Good Friends

The MOST important part of this experience. I mentioned earlier that I did this virtual happy hour with my coworkers, but we are also very good friends. We have worked together for two years now, and we know each other well. It was a perfect way to feel like we are all still there for each other. We got the four of us together plus some other of their friends. In total, about six of us played together at one point. We got tipsy together and we were online for about 5 hours.

I would highly recommend you make time to do this. Try it. Get some friends together and decide to create a new experience and memorable night. I never considered that I would miss going to work, but I miss staying surrounded by coworkers and talking about our weekends and just enjoying work.

During this time, we can either view it as being stuck at home or being safe at home. Don’t let your morale get down because we can’t go out. Check in with friends and even coworkers, show up for those you care about. I never imagined that I would spend a Friday night video chatting and drinking rosé with friends, but honestly, I hope we host many more. Choose to make the best of the situation. Get creative and think outside the box. Stay safe everyone.

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