5 Bad Ass Latinas You Need To Know About

Today, I wanted to share some Instagram pages I have come across that I think everyone should know about. These women are making a difference in the Latin community, and personally, I find them uplifting, so if you didn’t know about them you need to!

  • Bonnie Rodríguez Krzywicki (@bonnierzm)
    • Bonnie is an entrepreneur with the best posing tips for us who have a little bit of lonjitas to hide. If you have ever felt awkward in pictures or just unphotogenic, you need to follow Bonnie right now. She is a professional photographer and gives out photogenic tips and tricks on Instagram and Tik Tok. Bonnie also offers courses you can take, and she offers preset filters to buy to make your photos look super high quality. Below is an example from her Instagram page.
  • Kay Lopez (@kaydayallday)
    • Kay is an entrepreneur, culture designer, social media and content consultant. She runs the page Latinas Poderosas. She is aiming to create a path for all Latinos to grow. She posts about empowerment and motivation for women. Kay also posts about social activism with the Latino community. You can also follow her page @LatinasPoderosas on Instagram and even buy her amazing merchandise from there. Below is an example of one of my favorite tees from the merch website.
  • Lily Becerra (@thelilyb)
    • Lily is a comedian and co-founder of the popular page @LatinaApproved on Instagram. She is hilarious, and the Latina Approved page is also a great source of relatable memes mixed in with support of the community. They post about food, business, and advice on how to be an overall chingona. You can also endorse the page by buying merch from this page. Below is an example of some of the merch modeled by Lily.
  • Ruby Chavez (@myvidastyle)
    • Ruby is a blogger and educator who shares her favorite Latin hits right now with Music Mondays newsletter. She also runs the page @Latinxcollective dedicated to empowering women and bringing them together. Ruby also uses her educator background to help high school students for free on her page @theconsejera. Here Ruby posts advice for current students that might be first generation and have a lot of questions about college and life beyond high school. Below is an example of a live chat she did helping students.
  • Dr. Meri (@AcademicMami)
    • Dr. Mari is dedicated to encouraging mamás that are getting educated. Her page is full of motivation and inspiration for all the mamás out there who want to be leaders. Dr. Mari shares real pictures of her with her children and shares the success along with the struggles. Whether you are a mom or not her page is inspiring. You can support her on Instagram and her Etsy shop; below are examples of her stickers for sale.

These women, I feel, are making a difference in the Latina community. We need to support each other and lift one another up, and that is exactly what these ladies aim to do.

I hope you follow and feel a sense of community and pride in being Latina, because I know that is what these women do for me.

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