5 Things My Latina Mom Says

In honor of Mother’s Day yesterday, I wanted to share the commonly used phrases from my Hispanic mother. This post was contributed from my two older sisters and I, who can all agree that this is our mom’s most famous sayings. I hope you can relate and enjoy these phrases. Happy Belated Mother’s day to all the moms out there!

  • “No andes sin calcetines/ don’t walk around barefoot”
    • I don’t know if this is a Hispanic thing or a just a mom thing, but my mom never fails to reprimand us for walking around barefoot. She swears that doing so will make your knees hurt, will cause your veins to pop out more, and during the winter will contribute to you getting a cold. Let us not forget that she blames cramps on the cold floor we step on, and not the fact that we are on our period. How does that make sense?
  • “No te quiero tarde, te portas bien, me contestas el teléfono si te hablo/ I don’t want you home late, be good, and answer the phone if I call”
    • This forsure is a Hispanic mom thing, they can never just say goodbye. There is always a dozen questions to answer about where you are going, and about a dozen more requests to follow when leaving the house. Whether I am going out to dinner or to a club the same rules apply.
  • “Ya es hora, ya son las 10 / It’s late, it’s already 10pm”
    • This is an extension of the one above, but it is used very differently. When she uses this phrase, it is because we have people over, and she is trying to kick them out without saying it bluntly. Usually this is directed to boyfriends, who no matter what day of the week have to leave at 10pm. Yes, I am 22 and my boyfriend is kicked out at 10pm most nights; just another perk of having strict Latino parents.
  • “Algun dia me van entendar/ You will understand me someday”
    • This is probably the most universal saying by moms. We might be shitty teenagers and raging about how we are misunderstood and how our parents are trying to ruin our lives, this is how my mom would respond. I will admit that I understand some rules that we had then now, but some is still TBD.
  • “No hay mal que por bien no venga/ hard times will always bring better things”
    • Whether a broken heart, rejected job application, or something just didn’t go your way, this is what my mom would say. It’s self-explanatory, but it is her way of consoling us when something negative happens. It is a great lesson to learn early on, things will always work out in the end, even if it’s not the way you planned it.

If you can relate to any of these let me know! I tried to make is specific to my mother, but I think all mother’s share variations of these sayings. I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day and hugged and thanked their mom for everything a little more.

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