Summer 2020 Self-care Series

Part 1 – Social Media

This week I am kicking off a three-part summer series to promote self-care. I’m not talking about the hair done, nails done, everything done kind of self-care (even though we are all missing that right now). I’m talking about the mental, emotional, and state of mind self-care.

I am initiating Part 1 with social media as the topic, because quarantine has really proved how essential our feed is to our daily lives. We spend hours scrolling through Instagram, watching YouTube, and fantasizing on Pinterest, so why not strive for content that makes us feel inspired, creative, and lively. Let’s stop taking social media “breaks” and start going to our socials for the content that makes us laugh, smile, and feel connected.

Here are the 3 “types” of people that you need to stop following to get the most out of your feed.

The Frenemies

First and foremost, the toxic kind of friendships known as frenemies. These are the people you follow not because you really care about their lives, but you follow because whatever they have going on makes you feel better about you. You aren’t really invested in their content, and they really don’t interact with yours. This can also be the group of people you’re friends with because you want them to see how amazing your life is. You know, those people who you want to have as friends on socials so they can see all your aesthetic food and travel pictures and be envious.

The problem I have with following these kinds of people is that their content on my feed doesn’t make me feel good or inspired. When you are playing the comparison game, it makes you feel good for a second to think “thank god that is not my life” that feeling fades and it becomes toxic to feel good about your life only in comparison to someone else.

The Perfect ______

Second, those people or pages on social media that are perfect, or at least portraying perfection. These can be the perfect fitness model, perfect mom, perfect cook, perfect whatever. They only post the best version of themselves, and ultimately, it makes you feel less than in comparison. These kinds of toxic people can be hard to spot because most of the time they are portrayed as exemplary people; the “you should strive to be this perfect” kind of people. We know no one’s life is THAT prestine.

My issue with these pages is that they are supposed to provide examples, tutorials, or inspiration, but in the end, they just make you feel like you will never measure up. Unfollow these pages and see what a difference it makes to stop comparing your daily life with these “perfect” people.

Toxic Family

La Familia, sometimes the most toxic followers of all. This category is plagued by the tías chismosas and all the like. These are the friends we have on social media that are the first to know everyone’s business and put it all out there. This is the family that will comment on your posts asking “mija, where was this; does your mom know about this?” Now, I love having some of my family to keep in touch with, but this kind of family needs to go.

My problem with keeping these “friends” on social media is that they will often tell the whole pueblo in Mexico what you have been up to even if they don’t know the whole truth. They will often take a post and turn it into chisme which is somehow never exactly what was said or done in the post. They do not contribute positively to your feed or to your well-being so just mute, block, or unfollow these family members.

I hope you all enjoyed Part 1 of this series. These are my take on the “cleaning out” of your social media feed. I have found that only following and contributing to those pages that make you happy and make you feel good is the way to use social media without getting burnt out. Stop taking a full month social media break and turn scrolling into a pleasurable experience for a change. Have a great week and clean out those followers!

Come back next week for Part 2 of this summer 2020 self-care series. Let me know how you make the most out of your social feeds!

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