3 Easy Ways to Prepare for Uncertainty

This week I have been thinking a lot about new beginnings and fresh starts. If 2020 has shown us anything it’s that we do not have set schedules in our lives, nothing is always going to be there, and that a change of pace can happen at any moment. We create the routines in our heads and act them out in our days. We have been forced to change routines multiple times just in the last six months. For me, I went from working full time in the office to working full time from home, and now I am alternating two weeks in and two weeks out of the office. The thought of changing scenery every two weeks gives me anxiety. My routine when working from home and working in the office are completely different and I must constantly adapt to both.

Change is constantly happening, and it has really got me thinking about major change in our lives. Nothing guarantees that your life will not be flipped upside down on a Wednesday morning, so stop living as though nothing is ever going to change. Embrace the change, the uncertainty, and strive to live a life that is adaptable.

Here are some ways to be best prepared for life’s unexpected hurdles:

  • Be financially smart
    • Have savings set aside for emergencies or unexpected life events. You never know when things are going to go south with your job, your relationship, or anything else. Save, save, save while you can! If you can set up a side hustle put the work in to do it, any money on the side of your usual income is a great way to save up without feeling deprived. If saving is not an easy task for you, download one of the dozen apps out there that save automatically for you. They are a great way to put away some money without exhausting your bank account.
  • Have a life emergency contact
    • Do you know who you would call in case of an emergency? What if they don’t answer, who’s next on that list? This might seem like common sense, but we often forget to set up an emergency contact in our head. Do you have their number memorized or written somewhere else besides your phone in case you lose it? Yeah, this kind of preparedness will always pay off when shit hits the fan and you are scrambling.
  • Have a support system
    • If you need to cry it out, drink it out, or just get out of the house for a while, make sure you have at least a couple people in mind that you can turn to. Another great lesson from 2020 has been how deeply we need loved ones in our lives. We need to be there for each other as much as we possibly can. We are meant to be connected; we need to feel connected to thrive. Find those who you are most connected to and embrace them. Make sure you have someone to turn to when things are great and when you are a hot mess.

To all my Latinas, if you are struggling right now, keep going. There is no better advice out there than to just keep pushing through. Take the challenges one day at a time, take the small victories and use them to get you through. No one can know what you are going through but keep your head up.

I hope that this week’s blog helped to spark something in you to prepare a little more for the uncertainty that this year will most likely bring.

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