4 Reasons You Need A Leo

We are halfway through August, WTF?! Leo season only has 10 days left, and before it escapes me, I want to talk about the 4 reasons we all need Leos in our lives from a Leo herself. I know this might sound narcissistic, maybe I am self-indulging a little. However, one of our many traits is being proud, so did you expect any different? This post is meant to be light-hearted and something to break up the monotony that we see and read every day, so if you’re down for that type of content keep on reading!

Let’s get right into why you need a Leo in your life!

  • Leos are confident

Do you ever need a hype man/woman? Get a Leo to go out with you. Leos are always the best people to party and have fun with. They love to show their crowd off and to be the one’s having the best time at any function. Sitting around in the back? Leos have never heard of that. Some would say that Leos love to be the center of attention, but I say we like to be the leaders of the pack.

  • Leos are passionate

Whether dealing with personal or professional situations Leos are passionate about the work they put it. Do not undermine how hard they work when they want something. Leos put in their all and expect the same in return from everyone. If Leos are going to do something it is going to get done and get done right! If you have an idea or a goal Leos are the ones to set the fire to the spark in your heart, because they operate from their most passionate desires as well.

  • Leos are generous/ big-hearted

Leos are known for being warmhearted and generous. They are loyal to those they deemed worthy, and they shower them with ample gifts. Leos have huge hearts and they don’t keep all that love to themselves. Whether giving time, affection, or money Leos love to give all that they can (there’s that passion again). The thing to be careful with Leos is to not betray them because just as much as they give, they take it all away when you take advantage of their generosity.

  • Leos are fearless optimists

The lion is known for being brave, so a Leo follows suit. Leos are often thrill-seeking by nature, and they love to be first in line to try new things. They are not intimidated by a challenge, in fact, their confidence and determination tell them that they are able to do it all. A Leo is not fulfilled by keeping the status quo, they want to tackle the hurdles life throws at them. They often push others to seek out adventure, to want more for their lives. Leos are great to turn to when you need the motivation to keep going!

I like to remind myself that I am a lioness sometimes when I feel down. I remember that I have all these great things inside my head and heart to share with the world, and I start to pick myself back up with that go get ‘em attitude. I know there are negative qualities to Leos as well, but it is our season, so we are sticking to all the great things Leos contribute to your life.

Make sure you share this with all the Leos in your life and let me know what other great qualities Leos share!

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